28 junio, 2023

The Machine in the Botanical Garden: An Album of Synthesized Poetry and Musical Innovation

 Announcing the release of my new album for the project 'The Machine in the Botanical Garden.'

As with my previous work, this album is driven by sequences crafted with various machines, accompanied by musicalized poems written by 19th-century romantic female writers such as the Brontë sisters, Emily Dickinson, and George Elliot (Mary Ann Evans). Additionally, I have incorporated classical orchestral arrangements, mainly focusing on strings.

By blending the industrial sequences of the machine with its distinct raw and evocative character, I juxtapose it with the delicate emotional quality of melody, harmony, and traditional elaborated counterpoint.

The main machines used in this album include Elektron's Syntakt, Arturia's Microfreak, Cre8audio's East Beast and West Pest, as well as small modular systems featuring components from Makenoise, Noise Engineering, Erica Synth, among others.

The voices have been programmed using Synthesizer V, with Natalie and Solaria as the main interpreters.

This album is a sonic exploration that invites listeners to immerse themselves in the meeting point of past and present, where the timeless words of these remarkable female poets intertwine with the cutting-edge sounds of synthesizers. It's a harmonious convergence of technological innovation and artistic expression, bridging the gap between eras and genres. Through the ethereal vocals programmed with Synthesizer V, Natalie and Solaria breathe life into the poetic verses, infusing them with emotion and creating a captivating narrative that resonates with the listener's soul.


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