28 abril, 2024

The waltz of the crickets | The machine in the botanical garden

This work tells the story of a cricket who, instead of using his song for biological mating purposes, chooses to dedicate himself to art. With his melodies, produced by rubbing his wings, this cricket not only attracts other insects and animals but also faces criticism and skepticism from his contemporaries. His love for music leads him to found a school, inspiring a generation of cricket musicians who eventually form orchestras and revolutionize their world. This piece was composed for the project 'The Machine in the Botanical Garden.' Available on major digital platforms

19 marzo, 2024

She | Norand Mono MK2

She was born in the garden, able to see time as a single snapshot—past, present, and future in one coherent landscape. Some believe she's a spirit, others a magical being, or a creation of a machine. Yet, she's none of that and all of it and more. She's the soul of the garden, the breath that gives life to each second, the tireless engine that keeps it running. Her origins are unknown, possibly eternal. Nameless, yet embodying all names. She is harmony, peace, creativity, joy. When distant from her, these feelings wane. Meeting her, everything makes sense, confirming your intuition that everything is connected. The Norand Mono MK2 synthesizer and sequencer, alongside Sheena (Synthesizer V) and a string quartet, unfold a new tale set in this magical garden that blurs the edges of time. The interaction with the synthesizer alternates between programmed sequences and live performances. Sheena narrates the story of "She," the soul and essence that permeates every corner of the garden, while she is enveloped by a classical string quartet with counterpoints and harmonies crafted from the perspective of old tradition.

02 marzo, 2024

Bruno in the slow lane | sequential 960 | Sheena Synth V | Bastle Pizza & Ikarie

This track starts with a sequence created on a modular synthesizer, where the Behringer Sequencer Module 960, inspired by the legendary Moog 960 Sequential Controller, plays a key role. The melody flows from this synthesizer to the Bastl Pizza Oscillator, its unique character further shaped by the Ikarie filter, ending in the Strymon Star Lab module. The story unfolding in this song is performed by Sheena, using Synthesizer V technology, giving voice to Bruno, a peculiar beetle from our garden. Bruno always felt different, moving slower than the rest, which initially frustrated him. But over time, this slowness allowed him to appreciate details of the world that others overlooked. His life takes an unexpected turn when he falls in love with a unique orchid, marking the beginning of a new adventure. In addition to electronic sounds, the theme is enriched with arrangements for a classic string quartet, adding a layer of depth and emotion that elevates the story. Each note and arrangement have been carefully composed by me, with Sheena lending her voice to bring the narrative to life.

30 enero, 2024

Samuel's Odyssey | Elektron Syntakt & Sheena & String Quartet

This is the story of Samuel the snail, who, while strolling through this magical garden like every morning, listening to the music of one of Elektron's machines accompanying Sheena's sweet voice alongside an old string quartet, came across a strange top hat. Upon entering it, he traveled to a fantasy world where he transcended his snail form and saw the world and reality as he had never seen it before. Samuel was never the same again.

24 enero, 2024

Lullaby: East Beast Eurorack & Solaria | Emily Brontë's Lyrics

In 'The Machine in the Botanical Garden,' Solaria sings a lullaby for all the creatures of this mysterious garden. The lyrics were written two centuries ago by the middle Brontë sister. She is accompanied by a guitar, a string quartet, and one of the strange machines found in this park.

27 noviembre, 2023

New electronic pop song: "Who are you deep inside?"

"Who are you deep inside?" is the latest work by Juan Ramos Music, and it stands out in the world of electronic pop for its profound exploration of human emotions and personal identity. This piece, composed and produced entirely by Juan Ramos, resonates with a captivating melody and introspective lyrics.
A distinctive element of this song is the integration of voices generated through cutting-edge artificial intelligence. This decision reflects the innovative fusion of human talent and advanced technology, adding a unique dimension to the interpretation of the lyrics and aligning with the song's central theme of self-discovery. Musically, Juan Ramos has created a perfect harmony of ethereal synthesizers and immersive rhythms in "Who are you deep inside?". The song invites listeners to reflect on their own essence, offering an auditory experience that is both personal and universal. This release showcases Juan Ramos's commitment to innovation in music, combining art and technology to open new frontiers in the sonic and emotional landscape.

19 noviembre, 2023

New Single Available: "Empty Floor"

 "Empty Floor" is an emotional and profound musical work in the pop genre, composed by Juan Ramos and presented with a unique vocal interpretation by AI. This song delves into the complex world of introspection and solitude, presenting a rich and immersive lyrical tapestry. 

The lyrics of "Empty Floor" explore the duality between the desire for connection and the need for isolation. The verses begin with a nuanced description of the rejection of daylight and the longing for the calm of night, symbolizing a state of reflection and retreat. The song progresses revealing an internal and emotional dialogue, where echoes of external calls are heard, attempting to penetrate a deeply guarded personal space. 

The chorus resonates as a powerful reminder of the vulnerability and strength found at the heart of solitude. The melody, both moving and captivating, intertwines with the lyrics to create an auditory experience that is both intimate and universal.

The use of an AI voice for the interpretation adds an intriguing dimension to the song, underscoring the theme of disconnection and introspection in the modern era. Juan Ramos' musical production on "Empty Floor" skillfully combines traditional pop elements with contemporary touches, resulting in a piece that is both nostalgic and novel.