19 marzo, 2024

She | Norand Mono MK2

She was born in the garden, able to see time as a single snapshot—past, present, and future in one coherent landscape. Some believe she's a spirit, others a magical being, or a creation of a machine. Yet, she's none of that and all of it and more. She's the soul of the garden, the breath that gives life to each second, the tireless engine that keeps it running. Her origins are unknown, possibly eternal. Nameless, yet embodying all names. She is harmony, peace, creativity, joy. When distant from her, these feelings wane. Meeting her, everything makes sense, confirming your intuition that everything is connected. The Norand Mono MK2 synthesizer and sequencer, alongside Sheena (Synthesizer V) and a string quartet, unfold a new tale set in this magical garden that blurs the edges of time. The interaction with the synthesizer alternates between programmed sequences and live performances. Sheena narrates the story of "She," the soul and essence that permeates every corner of the garden, while she is enveloped by a classical string quartet with counterpoints and harmonies crafted from the perspective of old tradition.

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