02 marzo, 2024

Bruno in the slow lane | sequential 960 | Sheena Synth V | Bastle Pizza & Ikarie

This track starts with a sequence created on a modular synthesizer, where the Behringer Sequencer Module 960, inspired by the legendary Moog 960 Sequential Controller, plays a key role. The melody flows from this synthesizer to the Bastl Pizza Oscillator, its unique character further shaped by the Ikarie filter, ending in the Strymon Star Lab module. The story unfolding in this song is performed by Sheena, using Synthesizer V technology, giving voice to Bruno, a peculiar beetle from our garden. Bruno always felt different, moving slower than the rest, which initially frustrated him. But over time, this slowness allowed him to appreciate details of the world that others overlooked. His life takes an unexpected turn when he falls in love with a unique orchid, marking the beginning of a new adventure. In addition to electronic sounds, the theme is enriched with arrangements for a classic string quartet, adding a layer of depth and emotion that elevates the story. Each note and arrangement have been carefully composed by me, with Sheena lending her voice to bring the narrative to life.

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